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دوشنبه 31 اردیبهشت 1397

Drawing inspiration from daily fashion

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

Artist Maryanne Coutts has an unusual ritual: to draw what she is wearing each day.

Every day for the past five years Ms Coutts has drawn her outfit and reflected upon her day and the result is a fascinating exhibition that tracks seasons, styles, emotions and artistic genres.

“I love clothes, and I love that there are websites where people take a photo of what they are wearing and post it. It’s a sort of creative activity based on something we do every day, so I thought about drawing my outfits and making an artwork out of that. This exhibition is based very loosely on that,” she said.

Ms Coutts’ exhibition Dress Code: The First Five Years opens at Federation University’s Post Office Gallery on May 24 featuring hundreds of her fashionable artworks.

It’s somewhat of a homecoming for Ms Coutts who achieved a PhD at Federation University in 1999 and regularly visits friends in town on trips from her home in Sydney where she is currently the head of drawing at the National Art School.

“Dress Code is a project which attempts to harness the ways that the days continue to follow each other, one after the other; unstoppable,” she said.

“It is a journal of what I wear each day – not in a ‘realistic’ or documentary way – but a fluid emotional extension of the creative activity of getting dressed in the morning. Each morning; every morning.”

Over those five years her practice and focus has changed, with the artist at times setting herself monthly challenges including socks, miniatures, clothes from newspapers, and quilts.

“I don’t know exactly how it started. I thought I’ll do this for a certain amount of time, and once I’d done it for that time it turned in to something else and it just kept rolling,” Ms Coutts said.

“Now it’s become five years and I’m thinking about what to do with it for the next five years.”

Some of her works feature extra items like tickets or bits of “stuff” stuck on to the clothes, others are a little more abstract such as socks that reflect the weather.

“You can’t always tell the style, but they are pretty loose and the focus tends to change – so one month I drew my socks, after I had been to India and did a workshop on miniature painting I did everything in miniature, one month I made a quilt, one year I made an animation that changed every day, and another time I drew people’s clothes from newspapers.

“So in the end it’s very much about day to day but as the project got bigger I’ve tended to have a monthly project within that.”Read more at:prom dresses uk | red evening dresses uk


چهارشنبه 26 اردیبهشت 1397

Secrecy Is Never in Fashion

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

Denmark will have a new kind of “speed dating” beginning on May 15. Top fashion brands will be meeting with experts in sustainable business from across the world to exchange innovative ideas at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The summit’s program is packed with different topics, but among them is one close to my heart—transparency in the garment industry.

Transparency in supply chains –that is, revealing exactly where a company’s products are made and by whom—is really important. It allows worker representatives to better protect factory workers from abuse that can endanger their jobs, health, and even their lives. And it assures the people who buy the products, like me, that the people who made the products can easily find out which brands they produce for—a critical piece of information needed to escalate complaints about labor abuses.

Garment workers—mostly women across the world—work in factories producing clothing for big-name brands. One of the brands whose jeans I wear every other day, Levi Strauss, is among those that produces a list of names of factories and their precise locations. It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but apparently not in the world of fashion. Multiple brands, including Mango and Urban Outfitters, whose dresses hang in my wardrobe, don’t disclose key information about their supply chains.

A growing number of conscious consumers like me are keen to know where precisely--and under what conditions—our clothes were made. At the very least, publishing the names and locations of factories builds more faith in the brands we like. It demonstrates a brand’s willingness to share key information with workers and advocates about their manufacturing sites, making it easier for workers to get in touch with relevant brands when they experience labor abuses. Hiding this information makes it harder for workers to reach out to brands when needed.

Three weeks ago Bangladesh marked the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, which killed more than 1,000 workers and injured many others. Soon after the disaster, labor advocates had to scramble to figure out which brands the workers were producing in the five garment factories in the building.

Top brands that have shown their commitment to supply chain transparency will be at the Copenhagen summit. These include Nike, H&M, C&A, G-Star Raw, and Levi Strauss, which have fully aligned with the Transparency Pledge, a threshold minimum standard of supply chain transparency in the apparel sector developed by nine non-governmental organizations and global unions.

But many other companies have declined to follow this example. Voluntarism has its limits. The EU Parliament recognized this in 2017 and called for binding due diligence obligations, but to date, no such proposal from the European Commission has followed.

Individual countries should take the initiative, and this is where Denmark should step in. Members of parliament should introduce legislation to ensure that apparel companies doing business there follow some basic degree of transparency and also conduct rigorous human rights checks.

Such legislation should draw on good features from various countries’ laws --for instance, the UK’s Modern Slavery Act and France’s “duty of vigilance” law. Countries like the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada are also considering legislation to govern corporations’ human rights responsibilities for their global supply chains.

Until Denmark develops legislation to help level the playing field for businesses, the Danish partnership for sustainable and responsible fashion and textile sector, led by apparel associations, should take a strong stand on the side of industry good practices. The partnership should make supply chain transparency a key goal that its member-companies should achieve before 2020.Read more at:prom dresses uk | long prom dresses uk


جمعه 7 اردیبهشت 1397

The history of the Bohemian dress

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

Bohemia, he is defined as a hippie culture scholars and the yuppie hybrids, all kinds of fashion magazines in recent years, the international fashion conference, to be able to see it, it's heat has been reduced.

What is Bohemia? Bohemia is a part of the western region of Czechoslovakia, part of the austro-hungarian empire, and is a gathering place for gypsies walking around the world. There is a vague definition of the bohemians: the bohemians are the gypsy, or the ichigans, including the decadent intellectuals.

To walk the world in a wandering way, not to believe in god, to make a living through the skills of the vagabonds, and to be good at "astrology" and "good luck".

In the 1960s, Bohemia was a potent weapon of the hippies' challenge to the middle class, and its behavior was characterized by a purely manual confrontation with industrial production.

Today "Bohemia" has become a symbol of vagrancy, freedom, Bohemia, decadence... , in the field of clothing is the retained some nomads characteristic style, with bright-coloured decorative and fetching eyeball straightforward thick fabrics, accessories, in particular, more is given priority to with winding of beads, tassel necklaces.

The matching look replaces the baroque and Byzantine beauty, with a haggard, beautiful, sombre, romantic, poor and stylish face.Read more at:red evening dresses uk | blue prom dresses uk


پنجشنبه 6 اردیبهشت 1397

How the bridesmaid selected a bridesmaid suit a nice Bridesmaid Dress

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

The wedding day is a natural day for the best sisters to be a bridesmaid for themselves. Of course, if it is a more casual wedding, the bride can let the bridesmaids wear their own formal clothes on the day of the wedding.
One, choose the style that everyone is suitable for
Of course, different stature is suitable for different styles of clothes, but the natural waist style skirt is generally the best choice. A little tight dress can make the bridesmaid's figure look more concave and convex. Some styles of clothes look good, but in fact they are not suitable. For example, there are some layers and wrinkled clothes in the upper part of the buttocks and abdomen, so the design may seem redundant. On the contrary, a simple dress may be better, and some decorations (such as pearls and lace) will look good.
Two. Don't let the bridesmaid feel uncomfortable
Although some dress styles are really unique, some of these dresses look good and some people feel uncomfortable when they wear them. In fact, many people don't like wearing clothes with a bare shoulder. If you force them to wear them, they will feel very uncomfortable and look awkward. The dress of the collar is generally acceptable and feminine, and most importantly, this style is not a bare shoulder.
The Tuxedo Dress is really hard to wear unless the dress design and tailoring are very good.
The length of the dress is also a question worth considering. For example, some bridesmaids are stronger than others. Some may be slender. The length of the dress you choose must be suitable for two people. For example, the length of the tuxedo (between the knees and ankles) is very difficult to grasp. If the length is not good enough, the whole person will look shorter. If your bridesmaids are short, don't choose to wear long skirts, preferably to your knees.
Xiaobian recommends that you choose high waist clothing, which will make the proportion of the body look better.
Three. Choose both popular and popular styles
Although we should not choose those "too picky" styles, it does not mean that our choices will be very small. There are many styles of clothes that are popular, and everyone looks good in them. You should pay a little attention to the latest fashions. For example, what is more popular now is loose waist waist skirt, though some people may be very picky, but most people are acceptable. Because the loose waist style clothes make a woman with a plump (especially an apple Figure) look less chest, but a person who makes a flat or small chest look bigger.
The best thing is that you don't have to be too entangled in this kind of dress to wear any underwear.
Four. The style of your wedding
There are many problems you need to pay attention to when choosing a dress, and the most important thing is to take into account the style of your wedding, such as the venue for your wedding, the style of your wedding dress, and so on. If your wedding is more modern, then your bridesmaid dress can choose some fashionable and simple style. If your wedding is romantic, Bohemia style or weird, the bridesmaid dress can choose the gauze and lace style.
Besides the style of wedding, you should also consider the time of the wedding. Are you going to get married in summer or winter? The dress you choose must match the season.Read more at:prom dresses|  short prom dresses uk


چهارشنبه 5 اردیبهشت 1397

What are the multiple considerations for the bridesmaid dresses?

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

The bridesmaid has chosen the bridesmaid dress, but the dress shoes are still not chosen. What shoes will look good on the bridesmaid dress? In fact, it needs to be considered according to different circumstances, so let's get to the bottom of it.
What are the shoes for the bridesmaid dresses?
(1) indoor wedding.
If the wedding is in the room, where the wedding is more ceremonious (such as the church), the bridesmaid dresses in a formal dress when the bride chooses to wear the wedding dress. The specific requirement is: the skirt length is above the vamp, but the hemline can not overshoot to be less than the bride, otherwise the noise will win the Lord will also affect the walk. Because the bridesmaid needs to help the bride raise her wedding dress when the bride turns around. You can choose white single shoes at this time.
(2) outdoor wedding.
If it's an outdoor wedding (such as the grass), the bridesmaid can opt for a short gown and a little over the knee to create a romantic atmosphere. This length action will not be affected, as the bridesmaids may not have much time to take care of their clothes. It is advisable to choose a dress that is more colorful because the bridesmaid is likely to have a lot of time away from the guests. Shoes are simple white or pink shoes.
2. Selection of bridesmaid gifts.
(1) consider color matching.
If you can't find shoes that match your dress, consider metallic shoes.
2. Warm colors such as pink, coral, orange, and cream are best suited for gold, bronze, or copper, light green.
Cool colors like purple, blue, grey, and white will shine with silver.
(2) consider seasonal options.
The bridesmaid dresses the best and the best, but also the seasonal factors. What the bridesmaids wear in winter, the golden ornate stilettos, the white heels or the feathered stilettos are all good. Wear sandals for the summer, wear a pair of shoes with your dress, you should wear a pink dress, and you can wear pink and white sandals. Skirt of condole belt can match a big thin cape look, with pink main. Avoid freezing in a cold room.
Consider the heel height.
Some bridesmaids will look better with high heels because they can be paired with high heels, and if you're used to high heels, it will be a good match. But if you don't have a habit of wearing high heels, don't opt for it, so you'll be very tired at the wedding, and even the awkward moments of your feet. So be careful with the high heels, even if you look better with a dress, opt for a low heel or plain pair of shoes, which will be a lot easier on the wedding.
(4) old and new shoes.
Bridesmaid dresses don't have to be a new pair of shoes. If you have the right shoes, you can choose them. They are more comfortable than new shoes. If no suitable old shoes match, then suggest in advance to buy new shoes, dressed in practice at home more, also want to prepare more band-aid, for a rainy day, torn foot is labeled in a timely manner.Read more at:


سه شنبه 4 اردیبهشت 1397

What colors does the bridesmaid wear to pick the bridesmaid's shoes?

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

The bridesmaid is the second most important role in the wedding, and the dress and makeup is also highly demanding, which needs to be well matched with the new bride and the wedding style. So what colors do the bridesmaids wear? Let's see.
The perfect wedding is not only the bride and groom, but also the bridesmaid and the best man. The dress of the bridesmaid is also very important. Now let's see what color the bridesmaids are wearing, and what are the techniques for selecting bridesmaids' shoes.
What colors of shoes do the bridesmaids wear?
1. As the bridesmaid in the wedding, their dresses will usually be more elegant, so the bridesmaid can choose purple, blue and other cool colors to match the dress.
2, if the bridesmaid dress is pink, coral, and cream warm color to move, the bridesmaid high-heeled shoes, the right to wear what color of suggestion the maid of honor with gold, copper, or pale green high heels to match the dress.
3, the maid of honor, high heels, right to wear what color if the bridesmaid can really can't find and dress collocation, the small make up recommend a bridesmaid can consider with metallic luster shoes, the color is not only bright spot, and also very joker.Read more at:


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How to match the girl's dress?

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

1. Dressing: the children's clothing worn before the ceremony. According to the information of the corona: the style is the short jacket, the arc (black) cloth is the clothing, and the vermilion the red side -- do not know the girl is also black? But it is recommended to wear bright colors. Wear plain cloth shoes. In a double knot.
2. First add: hairpin and ropa, plain-colored skirt, like middle coat. The garment has no decoration, and the belt is worn with a regular fine cloth.
3. Add: hairpin, curved train deep clothing.
3 plus: the hairpin. A formal long-sleeved dress, under the coat. Peshou and other accessories.
The placement of the clothes: folded in order and the collar facing east, from the north to the south, placed on the table, and the seat on the east side of the court; The hair ornaments to be added are held in the plate by the company, and they are placed in the west book of the field, facing south, from east to west, in order: hair, hairpin, hairpin.
Explanation: three times, the clothing of the hair, each has different meanings, symbolizing the process of the girl's growth, the color of the garment is pure and beautiful, symbolizing the innocence of the girl; The skirt of shallow and simple elegant, symbolize the innocence of cardamom girl; The demure deep coat (especially the train) is recognized as the most representative of the beauty of the han nationality, symbolizing the blooming of the young girl. Finally, the grand sleeveless garment reflects the aesthetic orientation of the han Chinese women - elegant and elegant.


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