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جمعه 31 فروردین 1397

A guide to buying a dress correctly (2)

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

Find a counselor.
Choose a dress with a staff member, your mother, or a friend. She should know everything about you and know what works best for you. There are two things to note: first, make sure she doesn't impose her opinions on you; Second, you can't let your mom and your friends walk you down the street at the same time, because all the people will let you try on the dress that she thinks is the most beautiful and suitable for you, and you will feel at a loss. One day, not only tired, but also likely to gain nothing.
Know yourself
The most important thing is, according to body shape choose the style that suits oneself. To bridal shop for the first time, you can be in the princess, peng skirt, and the queen of the four basic styles of each find a try on, could soon find themselves the most suitable for what kind of style. As for the characteristics of the above four styles and the suitable shape, please refer to the next page.
Fit in the right size.
If your dress is not customized, choosing dress, first of all should pay attention to meet your the size of the full body, such as: chest, waist or hips, and then see if other parts of the right. Also note that it is appropriate to opt for a larger dress. If it's big, it's easy to make it smaller, but it's less likely to make a dress bigger.
9. Expert opinions
Want to choose a most suitable for their own dress, must be good at listen to dress consultants and designers, because they have a lot of experience, has made many wedding bride become the most dazzling star. Maybe you took a fancy to a new style of dress, and she suggest you choose the spaghetti straps, peng skirt type, maybe you were amazed by her opinion, but think it you will find, she suggested that the dress is the most suitable for you.
Try on a dress
You may have chosen a dress that suits you, but you overlook the fitting. It's important to actually try on a dress, not only to make sure that you shine at your wedding, but also to make you look polished and comfortable. Notice the following: wear headwear, necklaces, shoes and all the accessories to see if your wedding dress is compatible. Does the dress make you move and stay in shape? Try sitting down, raising your arms, bending down, hugging and spinning, and looking at the poses that will embarrass you. Is it too hot or cold to wear? What about the weight of the dress, and will standing up for a long time make you tired? Are the parts of the skirt smooth enough to scratch the skin? And so on...


چهارشنبه 29 فروردین 1397

The dress code for bridesmaid dresses.

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

Clothing options
Outdoor wedding: bridesmaid dresses should be paid attention to the color of the dress and the bride's dress coordination, generally wearing the small dress of the knee, the color is mainly pale purple, light green and other light colors.
Indoor wedding: bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns should be similar in style. If the bride wears a formal gown with a long tail on the wedding day, it is recommended that the bridesmaid wear a long, vertical floor-style gown with appropriate headwear and gloves. If the bride wears a simple wedding dress, the dress design of the bridesmaid should not be complicated, the color should be unified.
1. Bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaid like red flowers must have green leaves collocation, the maid of honor is the beautiful green leaves, so to foil safflower more bright, it requires that the bridesmaid dress is simple and generous, decent, now of the wedding general bridesmaid to wear small formal attire, personally, I prefer the style of that wipe a bosom, it looks more clean and concise and lovely feeling; The choice of the color, other colors don't too bright, the first and the style of the wedding and the bride wedding dress style is tie-in, for example, is the first to see the bride's wedding style, if it is Chinese style style, people wear what a chaplet and official robes, the maid of honor wouldn't be able to wear the dress is; And if the bride has a choice of dress is green dress, bridesmaid can't wear a red dress isn't it, so try to choose light pink color, or light yellow light color is dress, or other can also be more decent clothes.
2, shoes
Bridesmaid shoes is very important, and the bride's wedding shoe about, because the bride is actually already very tired, the same day to run run west, and the maid of honor may move around more, so must be sure to wear comfortable shoes, not choose a pair of high heels, for the sake of beauty wear flat shoes are lovely or style of shoe is a little bit small can also, the color of the shoes also goes to and the color of the clothes, and style, can't dress with sneakers, after all, the maid of honor will to power, to give you a good impression is very important.
Tie-in problem
Bridesmaid dresses are perfect for high heels, because when you increase your height, everything gets better. Your weight is increased and your posture becomes more beautiful, so you look slimmer.
Warm colors such as pink, coral, orange, and cream are best suited for gold, bronze, or copper, light green.
Cool colors like purple, blue, grey, and white will shine with silver.
3. If you choose to wear low heel or flat shoes, it is best to have a pointed or some embellishment to fill the heel.
If you can't find shoes that match your dress, consider metallic shoes.
Tip: after the bridesmaid's shoes are bought, it's best to wear them at home for half an hour every day. Because new shoes may not be comfortable to wear, you need to get used to them. This will not affect the bridesmaid's busy day on the wedding day, and make the new shoes more comfortable.Read more at:
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سه شنبه 28 فروردین 1397

History of dance

نویسنده: Randall Farris   

​Established in 1661, Louis xiv ordered the royal institute of dance, to organize and standardize the palace dance work, determine the specifications, style, and performance style of operation and terms as the dance moves and unified use French name, these activities not only promoted the development and spread of the palace dance, and to lay the solid foundation to establish the system of classical ballet technique.Still in use in the classical ballet feet five basic position and basic steps, it is in this period to determine 1588 t. alborz published book choreography, we can find that the palace dance around in the 16th century began to finalize the design, according to the chart and description, can be roughly makes some court dance recovery.The duration of each court dance is varied, although some dance forms appear early, but the true prevalence is later, even after the first 100 ~ 200 years.All kinds of dances are not consistent in the time of national popularity. With the development of life, the change of social customs and the simplicity of clothing, the outdated dance is constantly replaced by new dance.During 16 ~ 17 century successively in the court of popular dance, brown, the most popular variation, on the emergence and development of many dance dance has a great influence, it is said that the minuet is evolved from Mr Brown's.The most representative court dance of the 17th century was the minuet, which concentrated the essence of the court dance culture until the French revolution of 1789.It was popular in the European court and was known as the "king of dancing".Even long after it was no longer popular, it was retained in the classical dance education system as an important part of the actor's training.Later, the more popular is the cheerful garvot and the French dance, which probably originated in the English country dance.The popular dance dance of the 18th century was polonaise and even delle.Popular in the 19th century were polk, mazurkas, and galoplope, but the most popular.

It was a waltz from even delle.Before aristocratic society accept the waltz, court dance are mostly men and women together in pairs, facing the same direction to jump to the dance, even in the pattern change jump dance partner face to face when men and women also need to keep quite a distance, and the emergence of the waltz has provided a brand-new posture to dance, the male and female partner face to face, by a man in a woman's waist.This position shortens the distance between partners and provides more convenience for emotional communication.And waltz dance simple, need not stipulated the strict design and pattern, just down the hall freely rotating substantially, these characteristics are make it popular for a long time, is better than a contemporary various dance important reasons.

In Europe, in addition to the court and noble mansion is often a party, for the upper ruling class to provide companionship and entertainment venues, the 17th century, had appeared in the British public ballroom, the dance is mostly a royal or noble palace dance teacher to teach and presided over the palace dance, but participants to expand into the middle class.As the public halls opened more and more on the continent, the common people gradually took part in such activities.The formality, strict, affectation, and the need for special learning to master the court dance are increasingly unable to meet the social needs of people of different classes.The bourgeois revolution and the two wars almost destroyed all the royal families in Europe, and the court dance declined. The public dance hall replaced the court and became an important place for social activities.A large number of new dance forms, which are simple, formal and convenient for participants to express their emotions spontaneously, have been introduced into the dance hall, and dance dance has begun to enter the era of social dance of modern society.Read more|  long prom dresses uk


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